Tour 2 days 1 night: Sapa - Ban Lao Chai - sleep at Ta Van village - Ban Giang Ta Chai - Hanoi

Day 1: Sapa - Lao Chai and Ta Van

Morning: Visiting Lao Chai and Ta Van

You travel 6 hours from Hanoi to Sapa by bus bed - included in the tour. Time is from 22h00 to 23h30 the night before.

06h00: You arrive at MGK Hotel & Spa, send luggage at reception, personal hygiene and breakfast at restaurant.

08h30: After breakfast, guide takes you from the town to visit the Linh Linh Lake and Lao Chai village - experience, experience and learn about the customs and life of ethnic minority Hmong .

12h00: Have lunch 1 hour and relax in Lao Chai village. After that, walk with 2 kms to Ta Van village of Dzao Do ethnic group. You stop, check in, relax and freedom to experience the life of ethnic Dzao. Get involved in day-to-day activities with your hosts and dine regularly with local dishes.

  Overnight at Homestay

Day 2: Homestay - Ban Giang Ta Chai - Ha Noi

After breakfast, guide guide you to the state through the forest and visit, discover the Chieng Chai Cham of the Dzay tribe - another characteristic of Sapa.

12h00: You stop and lunch at the village. Drive to Sapa town after 2 days experience.

Afternoon: Free to visit souvenir shopping at Sapa central market with many brocade and specialty items of the Northwest mountains and forests.

16h00: Goodbye Sapa, you board the car back to Hanoi. On the way to rest stop. You dinner at the stop (cost self)

22h00: Arrive in Hanoi, finish the tour of Sapa - Hanoi 2 days 1 night.

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